Friday, 20 September 2013


Stop populating the world with poor and cheap children who are worth less than 2,000 naira a day, when all your children can easily make their first million naira individually before leaving primary school as smart millionaire kids and make their third million naira each before leaving secondary school as godly extraordinary millionaire teenagers.

Make Your Kid a Millionaire in this 21st century of prosperity.

Do you know that private universities like Covenant University and Babcock University in Ogun State where there is constant supply of electricity and unstoppable flow of pipe borne water and other necessary facilities conducive for learning and stable academic calendar without lecturers’ strike cum regular closure of schools are no go areas for nonmillionaire parents and their nonmillionaire offsprings?

Why not do yourself a world of financial favour today and give yourself godly gifts of millionaire kids and teenage millionaire students who shall never know poverty all their life!

Like the Millionaire School Teacher rightly titled the Chapter 12 of his millionaire masterpiece, If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go to School?, “God doesn’t create stupid people – our educational system does.” Don’t ever give birth to worthless children who are worth less than 2,000 naira a day in this millionaire millennium, to the extent of being so financially deficient to be unable to afford quality education at worthy higher institutions of learning like Covenant University and Babcock University.

Make all your children millionaire kids with ease with our ebook Make Your Kid a Millionaire: 11 Easy Ways Anyone Can Secure a Child’s Financial Future.

Remember the words of wisdom from the Good Book, “The rich man’s wealth is his strong city; the destruction of the poor is their poverty.” Enjoy the wealthy world of Godly Extraordinary Millionaires. Enjoy giving birth to millionaire children only! After all, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. 

Granted, while the poor shall never cease out of the land as a result of financial ignorance, a good man will always leave an inheritance not only to his millionaire kids but also to his children’s children, because money always answer all things in this age of transformation and information highways.   

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